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Road to Hana and places to stay in Hana on Maui. 0

Places to stay in Hana

Places To Stay Around The Hana Area! Here’s a helpful list of lodging facilities, local bed and breakfast places, and rooms available the Hana town. Some are outside of Hana, and others are within this small,...

Road to Hana on Maui, Hawaii. 0

Road To Hana – Photo Gallery

Road To Hana – Photo Gallery. One of the most famous activities on the island of Maui is the Road To Hana.  It’s an incredibly curvy road that takes you to the remote, windward...

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Road To Hana

Road To Hana Is About The Journey – Not The Destination The important thing to remember about driving to Hana is that the city of Hana is not the final destination.  In fact, some...