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Road to Hana and places to stay in Hana on Maui. 0

Places to stay in Hana

Places To Stay Around The Hana Area! Here’s a helpful list of lodging facilities, local bed and breakfast places, and rooms available the Hana town. Some are outside of Hana, and others are within this small,...

7 Sacred Pools is past Hana on the Road to Hana on Maui, Hawaii. 0

7 Sacred Pools

7 Sacred Pools – O’heo Gulch   7 Sacred Pools Is A Popular Tourist Attraction! Sacred Pools, also called Oheo Gulch, is one of the most popular tourist and visitor locations on Maui.  Just...

Road to Hana 0

Road To Hana

Road To Hana Is About The Journey – Not The Destination The important thing to remember about driving to Hana is that the city of Hana is not the final destination.  In fact, some...